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What Ed Blakeslee of Oradell NJ says:
"There is structure but with flexibility to address individual situations. 
I think of  Step 1 as a Montessori program for dogs.  We plan to go to Step 2 when we are ready."

 BECAUSE  A Step Class is Geared To Your Busy Lifestyle.  

BECAUSE  You Can Start Any Week - Never Wait For A New Class To Begin.

BECAUSE  You Get The Opportunity To Learn The How To Get The Dog You Want.  To Finding Out Why You Are Having Problems.  
                  You Learn How To Change Things So Your Training Does Work. 

BECAUSE  You Can Move Through All Three Steps Or Stay In Any Step For As Long As You Like.  
                  Relax, Work At Your Own Pace And Around Your Own Schedule.

BECAUSE  You Can Attend Whenever Your Current Step Appears On The Schedule.  Room Permitting, You May Attend Prior Steps Too

BECAUSE  There Is A Built In Social Mix Between Steps II and III.  See The Weekly Schedule.

For Dogs 20 Weeks up to Seniors.                                                         Max 6 dogs per session

STEP I -Leash Zen - How and How To Get The Dog You Want.


Here you learn how to change what has gone wrong and/or how to get what you want.  If your dog overreacts or is fearful you may be able to work it out in Step I depending on how severe the behavior is.  This is where you will learn how to teach your dog to manage his emotions and to get voluntary attention from your dog.  Learn how to teach your dog calm focused behavior around his reactive stimulus..  Learn how to get your dog to walk slowly with you by choice.  All students must take at least one Step I session.

Step II The Basics  Basic Manners and Problem Solving.
"Leave IT", "Wait", "Loose Leash Walking", "Come Off Distractions" and much more...

II/III A Social mix:


 At Every Session Between Step II Step III There Is A 15 Minute Social.  See The Weekly Schedule.  Not Open To Step I.

STEP III The Next Step.


 Taking Commands And Attention To The Next Level.Earn your  AKC Canine Good Citizen .Award Introduction To Agility Equipment Or Rally-O Stands Or Tricks.  Dependent On The Participants