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DogVentures, Dog Behavior Solutions

Small Group Training Classes with Individual Attention. 

Training without choke chains, prong collars or spray bottles.
No harsh or abusive techniques.
Just scientifically proven motivational methods.


Puppy Play and Train Session: 

For Puppies  from 10 to 20 Weeks.  Every session includes: Socialization, Play Time and Training.   Play time is broken up into small breed and large breed.   One problem solving topic per session: Housetraining, Nipping & Biting, Jumping.  5 sessions.

Click here to see When To Begin Training. The American Veterinary Associations position on when to start training your pup.


Most Recent Veterinary Receipt Required to attend.  Puppy must be current on vaccinations.

Basic Step Classes:
For Dogs 5 months to Senior
No More Waiting.
Begin Anytime.


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Small Dog MeetUP


4:00 - 5:30 


Reactive Dog Class:
Got A  Feisty Fido?This class is for you.
If your dog is aggressive, overreacts or is very fearful this is for you. 
Learn how to teach your dog calm focused behavior around his reactive stimuli. 
5 sessions, the 1st session is a private evaluation including developing an action plan to get the dog you want. 
After that session you will be paired up with an appropriate dog/handler team for the remaining four sessions. 
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·          Loose Leash Walking

·         Come When Called/No Jumping

·         Leave It/ Drop IT/Give

 Will resume in  Spring 2010

Humans Only (no dogs)
  • How to Get The Dog You Want
  • Housetraining (a.k.a. Potty Training)

Private Training or Private Behavior Modification.

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