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Dog Behavior Solutions

What Mark Sommer, DC, DAAPM, CAC
of Lincoln Park says:
 " Norine, I enthusiastically reccommend your services to the human companions of animals. 
They would benefit from your outstanding ability to understand animal behavior
and to communicate on such a deep level with them and their people. 
I know you have helped many of my patients in the past, and will continue to do so in the future."  
Private Sessions with Norine are available in the comfort of your own home
 or at DogV's customized training rink conveniently located at Mikes Feed Farm's warehouse. 
Private sessions are available Weekdays/Evenings and Weekends.
In many cases, one two-hour session is enough to put you on the right track to getting the dog you want.
In other cases, pet parents want or need more sessions.  In these cases, the options to proceed are personal and consider your individual situation. 
Options include a combination of things such as: continuing private sessions;  having Norine come and work with the dog while you work, having your dog stay with Norine to get a jump start, entering a class ...  each case is unique.
It is Norine's belief that the most important thing to teach owners is:
How To Recognize & Reinforce Calmness In Their Dogs.
There is no place for dominance or punishment as a methodolgy in training.  Good training is really just effective communication. 
What A Dog Practices Is What He Becomes.
Behavior Problems Like Aggression Can Be Unlearned.

A Calm Focused Dog Can Work In an Aroused Environment or Relax Alone.
Norine's program is designed to help evaluate and resolve pet behavior problems, improve owner/pet relationships, and teach owners an effective means of communicating with their dog.
(973) 962-9305