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Dog Behavior Solutions

Norine Twaddell CDBC, CPDT is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and
Clinical Member of The Association of International Behavior Consultants.


She is certified by The Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers.
the only true certification process for dog trainers.


She has been training and socializing dogs since 1994.

She is a professional member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers


What Judy Lowe & Hope  of Wayne, NJ say:

"Norine ... You have an insight to dog's souls and they know it. 

In my own case, Hope, a shelter hound dog was afraid of everything new.

You showed me how to be patient and understand how she saw things.
Today I'm in SC and she is running the beach after sea gulls with a big smile on her face and one on mine as well.
I plan to keep in touch and attend another class when I get back."

Norine has spent over 700 hours in hands-on workshops and lectures studying progressive 
as well as traditional issues of canine and wolf ethology and shaping animal behavior. 
Her training has included an apprenticeship at the NY ASPCA.
Ms Twaddell is an AKC CGC evaluator, and is a former licensed DELTA Society Pet Therapy Animal Evaluator.
She was the founder and co-operator of DOG WALKERS Plus In Manhattan.
Ms. Twaddell has an Associates Degree of Chemistry from CUNY,
she is currently studying psychology, learning and behavior. 

She also currently volunteers her services at shelters/rescue in NJ and NY.